Why is Grass Fed New Zealand Protein better?

Why is Grass Fed New Zealand Protein better?

by Derek Alessi Ph.D.

We are please to introduce our most advanced bioavailable protein ever.Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Whey Protein

Q: What is the difference between Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Whey Protein and traditional whey protein isolate?

A: Good question…a few distinctions..

  1. Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Whey Protein is antibiotic free and growth hormone free – a cleaner more natural protein to put in your body
  2. The protein quality (absorption) is higher – more of the amino acids from the protein will get into the muscle to help the repair process.
  3. NO Sucrolose.  Sucrolose is used as a common artificial sweetener and like Aspertame, Nutra Sweet and Saccharine – contains chlorine.  Too much chlorine in the system can be dangerous
Instead, Pur-Zealander is sweetened naturally with Stevia (which is a plant leaf).
Grass Fed protein has been around from a few years but the problem has been that it has been expensive – over $80 for a 2-lb bag.
Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Whey Protein is a great price at $69 online but were able to offer it on sale at $54.99!
However, if you get a change to try the new Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Whey Protein – it is a great protein.

Q: When should I take it?

A: Three (3) times are the ‘best’ times.

  1. Post workout – best to take a recovery drink within 10-min of workout completion
  2. In between meals – perfect 3pm pick me up
  3. Breakfast on non-workout days – fast and convenient

Q: What Should I mix it with?

A: Cold Water Only (add ice and blend if you’d like).  I like it thicker and add only 4oz water, but add as much as you’d like.


Q: How often can I have it?

A: Up to two (2) scoops, twice (2x) per day is fine.  It’s like eating organic grass fed chicken!


Q: How many scoops should I have?

A: Women; 1-2 scoops, up to two times per day

Men; 2-2 1/2 scoops, up to two times per day


Q: What flavors are available?

A: Pur Chocolate and Clean Vanilla for now.  Many people are also mixing the two together and creating a chocolate -vanilla swirl!


Q: Where can I get it?

A:online strengthgenesissupplements.com for at home delivery

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