Fish Oil – Stop Joint Pain and Lose Weight!

Fish Oil – Stop Joint Pain and Lose Weight!

Written by Liz Ushry, B.S. in Athletic Training, M.S. in Healthcare Administration, Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers Association

You don’t need to be a lover of fish to take fish oil. Fish oil is most commonly known for its benefits with aiding in heart health. A 12 week study found, “Dietary supplementation of Fish oil-based Omega3Q10 were safe and effective in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol and LDL-C levels in older adults”( Shen, 2017) with diagnosed hypertension and high cholesterol. It not only can aid you in heart health but can also assist the consumer, in their golden years, with weight loss and alleviation of joint pain. 

The older we get the more important it is take care of our bodies. We only get one body so it’s never too late to start getting active and healthier. Someone 65 years or older may be discouraged if they’re dealing with osteoarthritis or being a little heavier than they would like. Fish oil is a surprising supplement that can help with both of those challenges. 

One of the questions you may ask yourself is: Where do I start? Finding solutions to your limitations is a great place to begin; fish oil can be that solution. Fish oil may be consumed by certain oily fish or supplements purchased in the stores. Supplements will have concentrated amounts of the Omega-3 fatty acids where the benefits of fish oil originate. 

The Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to decrease inflammation in joints after being taken over a period of time. “Patients taking dietary supplements like fish oil exhibit improvements in clinical parameters…including the number of tender joints. Some patients who take fish oil are able to discontinue NSAIDs without experiencing a disease flare up (Kremer, 1995).”Imagine being able to go through a warm up activity, dynamic stretching and a workout without being constantly interrupted by your achy joints. That is a win in most peoples’ book. Arthritis is also negatively affected by an increase in the client’s weight. Added weight can put undue pressure on your joints especially in your lower extremities. Fish oil has made it possible for a client to improve their weight and decrease joint inflammation in one supplement in order to make exercise more enjoyable. 

This supplement has some amazing abilities. The science behind the supplement and how it affects change in your body to aid in weight loss is impressive. Fish oil has the ability to, “artificially decrease heart rate thus increasing the level of exertion needed to reach the desired intensity (Roussell, 2007)” of the workout. It is also tough on fat cells. According to Roussell, the supplement can “increase oxidation of fats” which certainly will get the body into gear for a change. 

Even with the outstanding benefits that can be realized by taking fish oil on the regular basis, it is not a magic pill. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle is still recommended to see change. Fortunately, for the consumer fish oil is a wealth of benefits to get the body in the right direction. With a decrease in arthritis pain, helpful weight loss and added energy a more active fulfilling lifestyle may be achieved. The possibilities are endless. Fish oil is a possible solution to problems that may have been hindering you from making a positive change. Weight loss is possible. A decrease in joint pain is possible. Studies have shown the positive affects this supplement can have with other promising lifestyle changes. Remember you don’t have to like eating fish to get the amazing benefits. Try a supplement today. 

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