Protein Drink + Perfect Timing = Greater Body Fat Loss

Written by Kara Orlowski, B.S. in Health Promotion with a specialization in Health & Fitness


Since the initial discovery of its importance, there have been great advances in the make-up and formulation of protein supplements. One of the many, but mosts popular, forms of protein is a powder. Over time, protein powder has become more advanced and ‘clean’ in its make-up and ingredients. 

Protein has gained popularity and importance as a supplement due to the linear relationship between protein intake and muscle mass. However, can ingesting that protein shake at a specific time of day ultimately affect the amount of fat that is stored on the body?

In a recent study, it was concluded that, “Concurrently with resistance training, consuming protein supplements with meals, rather than between meals, may more effectively promote weight control and reduce fat mass without influencing improvements in lean mass.” Furthermore, it was believed that calorie intake and appetite were the main contributing factors in providing this result.

In addition, a person should keep in mind what their individual fitness goal(s) entails. Are you striving to promote weight loss? Interested in gaining lean mass? Different goals require different steps to successfully and healthily achieve and attain those goals for the long run. Often times, health and fitness goals require protein consumption at some point during the process, especially whey protein supplements or ‘shakes’. Whey protein is beneficial when ingested at any time of day; but what if you could maximize your results by simply timing your protein consumption? 

If shedding body fat is #1 on your list of fitness goals, then consuming a whey protein shake in the morning will help jump start your metabolism and keep you feeling fuller longer, ultimately lessening temptation to indulge in those sweet treats later on in the day. Looking to wake up and start your day in fat-burning mode? Add a scoop or two of whey protein to your breakfast, whether it be a smoothie, oatmeal, or anything in-between. However, maybe you are much more interested in gaining lean muscle. In this case, consuming a whey protein shake post-workout would be most beneficial to achieve your fitness goal. Consuming this protein shake immediately after exercise will help replenish your body with the nutrients and building blocks it needs to effectively repair muscle tissue.

Keep in mind, no matter what your goal, it is important to consume a high quality grade of protein, with a  trusted ingredient list and feel great about what you’re putting in your body. That’s why we created our Pur-Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein .

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