Glycemic Index Chart Explained


Please see the Glycemic Index Chart and watch the quick Glycemic Index Video. 

Here is the link to the Glycemic Index Chart direct download

It’s extremely important regarding the basis of nutrition.

As part of the Strength Genesis Community, I wanted to make sure you have this information for help as a tool.

Furthermore, I am seeing scores of people suffering from their weight, health and poor immune system.

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The Glycemic Index is at the heart of controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.

Keeping blood sugar low = low insulin = long term success. 

  1. Fat loss
  2. Weight loss
  3. Low risk of diabetes
  4. Low risk of heart disease
  5. Low risk of dementia
  6. Stronger immune system
  7. High energy levels
  8. Life extension

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In this video I explain the Glycemic Index.

  • How to eat the right foods
  • Why it’s important to control your blood sugar
  • How to predict your blood sugar without a glucometer

This is part of the whole system.

The method that is proven to consistently work:

  1. The Right Diet with the right supplements
  2. The Right Exercise
  3. Consistency

Here is the link to the Glycemic Index Chart direct download

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