Monthly Archives: January 2021

The Better Than Fried Chicken – Chicken Recipe

Happy Tuesday! My kids are spoiled. They are becoming very opinionated about dinner choices. Now, I know that doesn’t sound odd. In fact, most kids are highly opinionated about food choices. However, this is different, in a good way…. They are not demanding pizza, subs and chicken fingers – they are demanding all steak, fish, [Read More…]

The Trick to Help with Sugar Withdrawal

48-Hour Rule: I don’t usually give weekly scan reports because it has to be taken into context of a big picture with enough clients. However, the results last week (gained 11.86lbs of fat over 23-clients) is worth mentioning. I get that it’s only 1/2lbs of fat gain per person and certainly no need to panic but It does [Read More…]

What to Eat to Be More Fit

In the United States, we are victims of extensive food marketing. Usually towards eating foods that may not actually be good for healthy eating. There are countless individual examples but at high-level many people think: Breakfast should be cereal, bread or a muffin Lunch should be something you can pick up with your hands Dinner [Read More…]

Strength Genesis is Embracing Sustainability and Here’s How

Strength Genesis is Embracing Sustainability and Here’s How We hit a milestone and wanted to share a quick message with you. In the picture above, our found Derek Alessi Ph.D is posing next to the bottle filling station which is located in our office (blue-light enhancing glasses not required.) A bottle filling station is a [Read More…]

National KETO day, does it matter?

National KETO day, does it matter? Today is National Keto Day. And believe it or not, it was not invented by a bunch of over-zealous Cross-fitters as a way to promote their weight loss and body fat reducing diet.  It was originally promoted as an effective treatment for epilepsy in both children and adults. In fact, states: [Read More…]

The Best Lunch for 2021 to Lose Weight

Most people start the day off with a pretty good breakfast. Even people who are struggling with their weight. The issue usually starts at lunch time and carries over into mid-afternoon, dinner and beyond. As the idea of 2021 being a ‘FRESH START’ that so many people desperately need right now, I thought I’d offer some guidance [Read More…]

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