Drinking Black Ants – That Sounds Crazy!

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Drinking Blank Ants?

Does that sound crazy?

Why would someone consider drinking Black Ant powder?

What are the benefits and what does it do?

I had read that Black Ant Powder had some amazing benefits such as:

  • High in absorbable protein
  • Rich source of Zinc
  • Aids in the production of energy especially before exercise
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So after hearing the benefits, I thought I might consider giving Black Ant a try.

But before I did I thought I’d do some more research.

Now I wasn’t able to find too much conventional research on Black Ant Powder.

However, what I did find seem intriguing Polyrhachis vicina.

These ants live up high in the mountains and are often found among ginseng roots.

The premiere Qi tonic of Chinese Herbalism.*

While ginseng is the most well-known, and a premiere Qi tonic by itself, Ant is known to be even stronger and more effective.

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The nutritional consistency is that Black Ant is a good source of Vitamins:

  • B1, B2, B12, D and E
  • Complete Protein Source (42-67% by mass)
  • Contains all 9-Essential Amino Acids and 17 of 22 total amino acids
  • Rich source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc and other trace elements
  • In fact, it’s considered by some to contain the highest amount of zinc
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Purported Benefits of Black Ant Powder Include:

  • Premiere energy tonic (provides direct ATP)* Strength builder*
  • Double direction immune system modulation*
  • May build stress resistance* Superior Liver and Kidney tonic in Chinese Medicine*
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Other good sources of Zinc:

  • Oysters – 6 medium oysters providing 32 mg
  • Alaskan King Crab – 7.6 mg
  • Raw mushrooms – Highest among vegetables but low overall (0.4 mg)
  • Kale – High among vegetables but low overall (0.3 mg)

Raw black ant powder contains 120mg-180mg of zinc per 1000 grams.

Which is the highest of any food and 4x Oysters, the second-highest!

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What does all this mean?

It’s hard to say….

In full transparency, I have now taken Black Ant powder for almost a month.

Also, it tastes like dirt.


I masked the taste and used it in conjunction with Pur Pre Workout Drink.


Pur Pre Workout has a stronger cherry-pineapple taste and Branch Chain Amino Acids, Beet Root powder.


Furthermore, it is sugar-free and Sucralose free making it healthy, Keto and Paleo-friendly.
Q) Does it make me feel better?

A) Maybe. I certainly don’t feel worse.

Q) Has it made me stronger?

A) Hard to tell.

Q) Has it helped me with zinc?

A) Once again, hard to tell. Since I eat grass-fed beef at least once a week and use Pur-Zealander Grass Fed Protein (which is loaded with Zinc)

Now I wouldn’t start with just Black Ant Powder.

It is the 41st most important thing to do, with the top three being:

  1. Omega 3 Molecularly Distilled Cold Processed Fish Oil
  2. Australian Macadamia Nut Oil Cold Pressed
  3. SG High Octane MCT Oil 500ML Bottle

It doesn’t work in a vacuum.

I hope this helps!

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