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Thyroid and Weight Loss (How to Improve)

With my clientele thyroid dysfunction is a major issue. Roughly one in three individuals I work with arrive with thyroid problems (mostly hypothyroidism). The thyroid, which is considered a “master gland” produces crucial hormones that control nutrient usage, energy and metabolism. Thyroid dysfunction is common, especially for women. Because a healthy thyroid is essential to [Read More…]

Why Bacon Can Save You From Addiction

The biggest barrier to improving health is limiting carbs/sugars. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. That’s why I recommend to eat bacon! Please hear me out for a moment… Just avoiding comfort food or eliminating sugars and carbs can be a process that involves both education and behavior modification with accountability. Sugar/Carbs act as [Read More…]

Easy Tuscan Grilled Steak You Will Love!

The perfect Weekend Meal! No-longer are the days where the misconception that eating red meat is bad. In fact, many experts now insist that you eat red-meat at least once a week, especially women if you want to be healthy and AVOID heart disease. Grass-Fed red meat is an excellent source of Omega-3 (heart healthy) fats and [Read More…]

Drinking Black Ants – That Sounds Crazy!

Drinking Blank Ants? Does that sound crazy? Why would someone consider drinking Black Ant powder? What are the benefits and what does it do? I had read that Black Ant Powder had some amazing benefits such as: High in absorbable protein Rich source of Zinc Aids in the production of energy especially before exercise So after hearing the benefits, I thought I might consider [Read More…]

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