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Clean Week = 10X Weight Success

This week is a WATERSHED Week! (Def: A dividing moment) I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  And at the risk of being redundant or overly zealous, I wanted to emphasize the importance of this.  10X strategy for weight loss/ fat loss and health this season: Clean Food and Low Insulin Today = Weight Management for rest [Read More…]

After Dinner Tricks to STOP Snacking 2!

Are you having trouble avoiding after-dinner snacking?   It seems so straight forward…. Eat your low glycemic meals Avoid after-dinner snacking Get to bed However, it can be tough, even for individuals who are good at making wise dietary decisions. In fact, many of my clients struggle with these issues, even the ones who have [Read More…]

Glycemic Index Chart Explained

  Please see the Glycemic Index Chart and watch the quick Glycemic Index Video.  Here is the link to the Glycemic Index Chart direct download It’s extremely important regarding the basis of nutrition. As part of the Strength Genesis Community, I wanted to make sure you have this information for help as a tool. Furthermore, I am [Read More…]

21 Best Keto Foods for Fat Burning

With many people either having gained weight during COVID or just maintaining higher weight/fat than they desire, I wanted to re-share my 21 Best Keto Foods. Now, I don’t teach Keto. It’s too difficult and unnecessary. Furthermore, anyone who tells me they are starting Keto, usually tells me they have quit Keto within a few weeks. There [Read More…]

48 Hour Rule: Sugar detox (fat loss & wellness)

48 Hour Rule sugar detox

48 Hour Rule: Sugar detox (fat loss & wellness) The 48-hour rule  I might use this rule more than all others.    What is the 48 Hour Rule? Here’s the deal: Clients mention to me that they sometimes ‘struggle’ with their diets. Struggle is code word for eating poorly for an extended period of time. Especially [Read More…]

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